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Summer conference celebrating 6 years in love with JavaScript of the oldest and longest running JS community in Benelux. Coming on the 1st of June, 2018 with workshops to take place the day before

The event

AmsterdamJS is a two-days event focused on JavaScript development where both inspirational and pragmatic talks meet good people and summer in a special Amsterdamish setup. 2018 AmsterdamJS conference will gather 500 JS fans and lovers at Zuiderkerk, a former church located in Amsterdam’s city center to listen for talks from 25 recognizable speakers. Both Rembrandt and Monet adored this place, and now it’s open for state-of-the-art JavaScript.

The day before conference free workshops will take place to get some of your desired skills up to a new level.

First speakers

  • Douglas Crockford

    PayPal, San Francisco

    Keynote topic from the creator of JSON and author of "JavaScript Good Parts" to be announced.

  • Asim Hussain

    Microsoft, London

    Scaling your SPA If you are building an SPA, you can take advantage of optimizations that give you epic scalability, with low latencies at a fraction of the cost.

  • Claudia Hernández

    Auth0, Mexico

    How to sort your socks using Javascript. Let’s get our computer science hat on and explore some useful sorting algorithms currently implemented by JS engines used by Node such as Chrome's V8 and Microsoft's Chakra.

  • Imad Elyafi

    Pinterest, San Francisco

    Bringing Mobile Web back to Life. In Pinterest we rebuilt the whole mobile web experience for authenticated users which now looks and feels just like our native apps while maintaining the fast load times expected of mobile web. We used cutting edge technologies which led to a 40% increase in each of our core engagement metrics and up to 30% in time spent. But it was not all sunshine and rainbows...

  • Andy Mockler

    Shopify, Chicago

    TypeScript Ruined My Life (In a Good Way). Some tools are so useful that once you've used them in one project, it is hard to work on other projects without them. React was certainly that way for me when I first started, and now TypeScript has become the same way.

  • Jennifer Voss

    Elsevier, Philadelphia

    Tales from the QA crypt. JavaScript has all the tools required to cover your automated testing needs, and writing tests in the same language as your app is a no brainer. We'll cover the tools available today and the logistics of merging your QA and dev teams.

  • Diego González

    Samsung, London

    Look ma! No hands!. We will combine on stage different hardware devices (controllers, camera, microphone, …) and Web APIs (Gamepad, Web Speech, …) to make sure your experience can be enjoyed even without 6DoF controllers, yes, even with no hands.

  • Fatih Acet

    GitLab, Amsterdam

    Vue JS Best Practices According to State of the JavaScript 2017 report, 43% of the Frontend Developers want to learn Vue JS. It's a really simple and elegant framework and in this talk we will talk about the best parts of Vue JS.

  • Sebastian Golasch

    Deutsche Telekom, Cologne

    The dark ages of IoT. Based on NodeJS examples I´ll explain (with code, examples & hardware demos), where we are today, what problems are still waiting to be solved and how modern (so-called) artificial intelligence (don't like that term) used to solve the biggest problem of all: The human <-> computer interface.

  • Armagan Amcalar

    unu GmbH, Berlin

    console.log(brain). Demonstration of an open-source Brain-Computer Interface that is completely developed with JavaScript, from the ground up, using neural networks and signal processing.

  • You?

    CFP is open until 1st March

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